LL Cool J (Ft. Jennifer Lopez) - Control Myself

Do you guys remember when this happened? Because thanks to this song coming up on my ipod 4 times in the past two days I sure do. Was it a big deal? Were they the Beyonce/Lady Gaga of…2006? Wait, this came out into 2006?! That was the year I graduated college. Why don’t I remember this? I blame Jermaine Dupree. I feel like no one talks about that dude anymore, but that’s probably because he’s bankrupt and divorced now (you’re damn right I’m Team Janet).

Remember, after this, when they collaborated on that awful song for her album? And then they shot the music video and it was like inside of a snow globe or because of a snow globe or the snow globe represented a new beginning for JLO because she finally had the courage to leave LL (because obviously JLO loves a good metaphor). But hey, at least that song didn’t end with some stupid nonsense sound. I mean, what IS that? What the hell was going on in 2006 to make that an okay song ending? These are the hard-hitting questions of my day, people. I need me some answers. STAT.